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How things have changed - for the better I think! - Welcome and enjoy the video!

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Manormonkeys Antiques - Christmas Apple Sauce - 2017!

I've got the apple, now to make sauce - for the 'Big Day' meal, of course....but wait and hold fire and don't peel a sprout, I hear you shout.......Monkey Man! - Alas! - Your apple is glass!

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Tuesday - Well there I was, sitting in a layby in deepest Shropshire speaking to Malcolm about retro styles! - let me explain! He wasn't there of course, he was in the hot seat within the BBC Hereford & Worcester Radio studios speaking about the topic of Retro 60's and 70's furniture. It just so [...]

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Go your own way with Antiques & Interiors - by Manormonkeys Antiques - Ian Humphries

I'm not one to preach (much!) but someone needs to put the media straight with regards to trends within the antiques trade. It's never been a better time to buy and enjoy antique furniture and effects. Since shipping has slowed down somewhat - antiques prices in the UK are far more attractive and in my [...]

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Manormonkeys Antiques Warehouse - on air BBC Hereford & Worcester & Malcolm Boyden

It was all about 'Stonkingly good finds' - or lack of them! A fab chat with Malcolm hinged on the fact that David Battie of 'Antiques Roadshow' fame was reported to have said that finds such as the above were far from regular on the show. Well David and the crew need to look in [...]

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Salvage Hunters meets Manormonkeys Antiques Warehouse!

'Early one morning just as the sun was rising'....these two fine gentlemen paid me a visit at the Manormonkeys Antiques Warehouse. Drew and T arrived eager to browse and Drew parted with some of his hard earned cash - he got a good deal from me of course! A good day was had by all [...]

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Manormonkeys Antiques Warehouse - buy it right to sell it right!

It's been some time since I sat down to blog! - Why? - because I've been sourcing super quality pieces at the right prices - so I can re-offer them at sensible prices too! We're still pretty price conscious out there so it's my job to scour the country looking for high end antiques and [...]

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Manormonkeys Antiques - Ian Humphries - now on youtube

Well, we've moved with the times again and quite rightly so! We now pop regular short vids on youtube - some informative and some not so! Take a peek when you next have time and you'll now see moving audible images of Ian - so now you've been pre-warned - ha ha! Have fun antiquers!

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Manormonkeys Antiques warehouse are on another Antiques Road trip!

Well we opened the gates (well door!) again to the BBC Antiques Road Trip crew yesterday. Philip Serrell and Roo Irvine had a good rummage in our shop and yet again - left with some attractive goodies to sell. Philip also brought Daphne the dog along so she took centre stage! The crew were fabulous as [...]

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