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Posted by Ian Humphries on

It's been quite a while since the trade took a knocking with the introduction of the minimalist scene. However - evidence shows that as long as the quality is kept high - the demand for traditional furniture is on the up. Some auctioneers are embracing it - some are still cautious, in my experience. High end 'Interiors' magazines are showing quality antique furniture mixed with opulent and rich fabrics with contemporary items thrown in - and it works. I've always said 'go your own way' with interiors so this backs my theory up no end.

I'm still seeing (and hearing) some TV 'Experts' giving it the old 'doom and gloom' story but those of us who are 'out there' daily and doing what we do, can clearly see there's a new breed of customer who are embracing antiques for what they are - Jolly good value and great fun!