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Go your own way with Antiques & Interiors - by Manormonkeys Antiques - Ian Humphries

Posted by Ian Humphries on

I'm not one to preach (much!) but someone needs to put the media straight with regards to trends within the antiques trade. It's never been a better time to buy and enjoy antique furniture and effects. Since shipping has slowed down somewhat - antiques prices in the UK are far more attractive and in my opinion it was the shipping trend that forced them far too high - after all it was then 2 Dollars to the pound so antiques being a commodity, it lined pockets well and distorted prices accordingly. Now, trends are simpler and folk need to realise that contemporary interiors can house antiques beautifully, when placed there with taste. Our style of living suggests that open kitchen diners are popular so introduce refectory tables and dressers to the scene and it'll look just the job. There are far too many TV personalities preaching negative, uneducated comments about 'brown furniture' and if they were to have a few weeks with some antique dealers (I'm game!) they would realise that prices are on the up and antique furniture is the way forward. After all - if it was all 'doom and gloom' I and many other dealers wouldn't buy them to trade on. So - why not mix your tastes instead of following the masses and introduce some painted and decorative furniture with some quality antique pieces and even throw in some industrial! Believe me it does work and you'll have far more interesting interiors for your troubles, that reflects you!